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Firing It Up!

Firing Your Sawtooth Pellet Grill for the First Time
Initial setup Instructions – This process ensures that all equipment is operating properly and your grill has been seasoned for future use! Please run this initial set up procedure every 12 uses to ensure proper and optimal operation!
Ignition Sequence
  • After proper assembly, wash all non-cooking surfaces inside of the grill with a mix of mild dish soap and powdered laundry detergent. (Not where you intend to cook).
  • Completely rinse the inside of the unit to remove any soap residue
  • Apply a light coat of Vegetable oil to all areas of the grates, using a paper towel. This will help prime the grates and prevent rust from developing during prolonged storage or damp weather.
  • Allow the grill to run on high for 30 minutes to cure the finish before you cook for the first time.
  • Clean the fire pot prior to each use to ensure optimal performance.
  • Locate the grill in an area in accordance with safety guidelines in your owner’s manual on page 3.
  • Load the hopper with Barbeque Grade Pellets then close the hopper lid. (Make sure the lid of the hopper is always kept closed to protect your pellets.)
Initial Firing
Temperature Settings
  • Plug the unit in to a 110 power outlet
  • Place Power Switch to the ON position.
  • Turn the Temperature Control Knob to the Start position.
  • Press the Start Button.
  • This initiates the start up cycle.
  • The auger will start to turn, the igniter will activate.
  • The Blue power light will turn on to indicate the start of the grilling cycle.
  • The grill will begin to produce smoke during use. This is normal. Close the lid.
  • The igniter will turn off automatically when the grill has cycled through the initial ignition procedure.
  • CAUTION: If excessive flame is visible i.e. the grease pan is glowing bright red; turn the grill off. And check for proper assembly once the grill has cooled.
  • Run the grill for at least 15 minutes before adjusting the temperature control, to avoid buildup of unburned pellets in the fire pot.
  • Press the prime button for 5 seconds to give the grill a small amount of extra fuel to offset heat loss before opening the lid while cooking. Except as described above, the prime button should not be used.
  • NOTE: If the fire does not start, the grill will continue to feed pellets and the fan will continue to run. If this happens, unburned pellets will build up in the burn pot. To restart the grill, clean the pellets out of the burn pot and follow the ignition steps again.
  • NOTE: Different wood pellets will produce different cooking temperatures. Outside temperature, weather, wind and pellet fuel condition will also affect cooking temperature. The markings on the Temperature Control Knob are approximate. Always refer to you lid mounted Thermometer for your actual temperature. Temperatures listed below are based on optimum conditions.
  • Smoke – Between 160 – 200 Degrees This setting is for slow cooking giving a rich smoky flavor to meats like Turkey or a Boston Butt.
  • Medium – 300 – 350 Degrees
  • This setting is for baking and cooking everything from Drunken Chicken to Plank Salmon.
  • High –Preheat – 400 + Download Initial Firing PDFThis setting is used to sear steak or cook a great burger.
Warning! - This grill is capable of exceeding 550 degrees. We do not recommend you operate the grill above 550 degrees.
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