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PP Northwest Apple
PP Northwest Apple

PP Northwest Apple

Brand: Pacific Pellets
Product Code: SPG-PPAPPLE
Availability: In Stock

Strongest of the fruitwoods, our Northwest Apple creates a succulent subtle sweetness that permeates any meat.

Gourmet BBQ Pellets

Don’t be fooled into believing all BBQ pellets are created equal. Sure, they might look the same, but let’s be clear; there are substantial differences in BBQ pellet quality all of which affect the performance of the BBQ pellets and ultimately your grilling experience. Gourmet BBQ pellets consist of a high percentage of flavored hardwoods and a base alder wood. Many of our blends have been given to us by professional chefs who depend on flavorful choice meats for their livelihood.

Ultra-Premium Hardwoods

Superior BBQ pellets begin with premium wood products. Pacific Pellet secures only the cleanest wood materials that go into our Gourmet BBQ pellets. We contract directly with prominent orchards and mill suppliers which insure product consistency, quality and reliability.

No Artificial Additives

Gourmet BBQ pellets are made from 100% real hardwoods—with no oil additives! Some BBQ pellets are sprayed with oil extracts onto a base alder pellet. When burned, these oil based pellets emit smoke which smells like real flavored hard-woods, but aren’t. Don’t settle for less!

Pellet Quality

Pacific Pellet has invested in state-of-the-art pellet manufacturing equipment to insure our Gourmet BBQ pellets are of the highest quality. Our pellets are extremely dense, dry and have very little fines. Fines burn quickly without producing the desired smoke. Stringent quality control measures insure your pellets meet our discriminating standards, every time.

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