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Buck'n'Bacon Burger

Buck'n'Bacon Burger
This is a simple yet great recipe for making an incredible wild game burger everyone will love! For those of us that love the taste of game meat this recipe is a little over the top but for new comers and those who like a milder tasting meat this will be a great way to enjoy any type be it Venison or Elk.
60% Ground Game Meat
20% Ground Beef
20% Ground Bacon
Season to your liking
Cheese - You’re Choice
Grill Hardware - None
Preparation: Mix all the meats thoroughly in a bowl to make a uniform ground beef. Ball the meat and make desired sized patties. The meat will shrink during cooking so over size the patty a little. Cooking: Pre-heat the grill to medium high. Allow 4-5 minutes a side for medium rare and 9-10 minutes a side for medium and 11-12 minutes a side for well done. Apply bacon then apply the cheese over it! Cook until the cheese has melted.
Put it on a bun doctor it up to your liking and be ready for the best burger there is!
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